International Women's Day

 It was a complete honour to be asked to speak on a panel for International Women’s Day hosted by Isaac Regional Council last Friday night. 

Big On Shoes Womens International Day
These ladies that I spoke with are incredible and hearing each of their comments made such an impact on me and I hope I was able to share some truth and wisdom to those listening.

Big On Shoes Womens International Day
I truely am blessed to be doing what I get to do, the women that have led the path before us and those coming behind us will make the world a better place.

Big On Shoes Womens International Day

 I was also lucky enough to have my better half Toby with me on Friday night and I got to publicly say thanks for being my rock. 

To those women searching for work life balance I don’t have the answer I am pretty sure someone would say I need help in this regard but I am genuinely happy with how FULL our life is and how much we get to put into it. 

Thank you to Isaac Regional Council for this opportunity and amazing shout out to my fellow panelists- Felicity Roberts, Amanda Raymond, Beck Andrews, Mayor Anne Baker and emcee Fiona Branch.


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