Get The Right Fit

We want you to get the right fit the first time. Using our size chart to help you convert your size is simple. We also measure the inner-sole of every shoe to help give you a guide as well.

Using The Size Chart

Sizing Chart & Converting Your Size

We know it can be hard working out what size will fit. Shoes are made in so many different countries have their own sizing, even more so with larger sizes. Some styles can be European sizing, others Australian and some US. So we have helped with a sizing chart on each style to give you a guide. 

This guide will help when ordering a style that is not in your "normal" size. For example, if you know you are a size US 12 but the style you like is only available in EU sizing, than this chart will help convert for you.

Our sizing chart will also include the inner-sole measurements of that style. This is another great way to work out what size you are if you are unsure. We have placed a guide below on how to measure your foot and then compare against the inner-sole measurements. 

Remember, if you receive your shoes and they are not the perfect fit, don't worry, we can exchange for another size or can help guide you by suggesting other styles. 

If you are a first time customer, than your first purchase with us will include a return satchel to send your shoes back to us for an exchange at no cost. 

Shopping for shoes could not be any easier. 

Using The Inner-sole Measurements

1. Measure Your Foot

Place your foot on a piece of paper against the wall, make a mark at the tip of your foot, while you are there also measure the widest part of your foot which is generally the knuckle area. It is important this is completed against a wall to give a more accurate measurement. Once you have completed this, take a ruler and measure from the end of the paper to the mark you made for the tip, this becomes your length measurement. Then measure the widest part and this becomes your width measurement for your sole. 

2. Find The Right Length

When comparing your shoe measurements against our inner-sole measurements you are going to want to add between 5mm-8mm to the length on your measurement. So if your foot physically measures 27cm in length then you will want a shoe that measures between 27.5cm - 27.8cm. This allows for wiggle room in the shoe. If the shoe is a closed in shoe you may want a little extra.

3. Find The Right Width

When comparing the width measurement, this is just looking at the sole of the shoe, generally even though a shoe may have a width measurement of 9.5cm it would allow a physically foot measurement up  10.5cm - 11cm. This is because a foot will change in fit and shape once in the shoe. If you find you have a known wide fitting foot, than refer to our wide fit section to help narrow down your search, you can also reach out to us by email or phone and we will help guide you.

Still Unsure?

We want your shoes to fit perfectly, so if you are unsure please give us a call or email and let us help you. To make things easier, send us a photo of your feet so that we can get to know you better and what shape
your foot is.

When Your Shoes Arrive

No doubt, when your shoes arrive you will be doing what we call "The Happy Dance". Once you have finished unwrapping your new shoes, it's important to try them on straight away to check to see if they fit correctly. Remember to try them on carpet so that the soles are not damaged.

If you find that your shoes are not the right fit, let us know via web chat, Facebook chat, email or phone. We want to help you find shoes you love so we can help by giving you a guide to what other sizes or styles might work for you. If you just need to go up or down a size in the same style, complete your online return/exchange form and we can place the correct size aside for you so they do not sell out.  See more about our returns policy here.

Remember ladies, we are always here for you, so just call, email or chat to us on our live web chat and we can help you out.  0749514910