Jacob + Therese Winter Drop

Almost a year ago, we started to plan for our winter collection for our new in house label Jacob + Therese. We wanted to address a few things with the collection that our ladies had requested; comfort, style and more staple colours. 

So we started planning and came up with our collection which consisted of some evening and casual boots, an albert slipper perfect for work, a sneaker to outdo the others, a basic ballet flat for any occasion and a beautiful heel. I am sure you can imagine our excitement the day the courier showed up with 80 cartons of shoes! 


While in China in December, we were doing some very important quality control to make sure our designs were going to be perfect. If it wasn't amazing enough to be able to design a collection, seeing our designs come to life was a whole new level of excitement for us. Knowing that these shoes would be on the feet of so many ladies in the future and helping them change their life in a way someone with smaller feet would never know.

Meet Mary!

Mary comes in 5 colours. We wanted her to be super comfortable underfoot so we added extra padding. We also wanted to give the option for those with orthotics to be able to take out the inner-sole and slip their orthotic in easily. Mary has something that we think every sneaker should have, a zip! Once you adjust the laces, you only need to use the zip to pop the shoe on and off. 

Meet Maybel!

Maybel comes in 6 colours, of which one has a cowhide feature. Maybe is comfortable underfoot and has a larger buckle to make it easier to pop her on and off. We wanted this heel to keep your feet warm throughout winter but still give you a stunning look for work or dinner. 

Meet Mylie!

Mylie comes in 5 colours. We had so many ladies last winter wanting more lower-heeled boots, so we got to work and produced a wool-lined ankle boot that looks amazing with skirts or jeans. I am totally in love with the tan in this style, however the other colours are just as amazing.



Meet Melissa!

Melissa comes in 5 colours and yes we did name this after the #bosslady haha. This boot just screams confidence and is just plain right kick arse, so we thought it was only suitable. We designed her to look chic and stylish for winter and we popped that extra padding our ladies love underfoot. A rear zip is a must for those that struggle to pop on boots, so this will be a breeze for you ladies. 


Meet Millie!

Millie comes in 7 colours. We had so many ladies requesting a 'simple' ballet flat, so we got to work on something that would be easy to slip into, had elastic to stay on the foot easier and came in staple colours. We couldn't resist however, and threw in a few brighter ones for those ladies that like a pop of colour for winter.


We hope you love the range has much as we do. We have stocked the label this season in sizes 39-47.


You can shop the Label here.


Much love, Katie and the girls xx

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