The Launch Of Jacob + Therese

The time has come to finally share with you what we have been working on behind the scenes at Big On Shoes. At the start of the year we put the call out to our ladies to see what they wanted in shoes this season. We asked what colours, fittings and styles and the response was certainly overwhelming. This is where Jacob and Therese came to life.


Designing The Range

We certainly had a blast designing this collection, the day the delivery came we were over the moon to finally see it all come together.


About Mila

Certainly one of the biggest responses was wide fitting sandals for summer however we all hate the look of velcro when the shoe is extended to fit a wider foot. Sothis got us thinking and we came up with the idea for the extension piece. This way you can extend the width of the shoe and still hide away the velcro.

About Micah

Certainly, the second most requested style was a classic ballet flat that was comfortable enough to stand in all day long at work. We thought this would be simple, however after going back and forth with samples, we learnt that there is much more to achieving a comfortable ballet flat then first thought. We had to ensure that we had a soft toe puff (this is the part at the front of the shoe that sits over your toes, the softer the puff, the easier it is on your toes). We also had to make sure we had plenty of padding underfoot which was achieved with a special formula (you have to feel it to believe it!). So from this, Micah came to life and we couldn't help but select a few fun colours as well as the classics.

Picking The Name

Once we had our designs sorted, the time had come to pick a name for the bran and we knew straight away what it had to be. We named the brand after our parents (their middle names, Dennis Jacob & Marie Therese) as they are the ones who installed in us ambition and the love of helping others. We can not thank them enough for the support they have given us over the years. 

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So pleased to see the flat shoe and have ordered 2 pairs. Love to see one with a peep toe next. Thank you ladies for listening.

Jocelyn January 06, 2020

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