We Are Live!

(Cue Happy Dance and possible 'Floss' if I can figure out how to do it) 

Yep you heard right we have found our new website! I know we are beyond excited as well. The new improved Big On Shoes (Now version 4 since we originally launched this awesome little business) is now live and we could not be happier. 

One of the key things I learnt early on in my career when I used to work back in schools was to always review, review and review and to find more ways to improve each year. This is something we do at Big On Shoes as well, and for me it is my favourite part of the year, to see what we did great at, areas we need to improve and other areas where we missed it completely.  

18 months ago this reviewing process identified a major need to upgrade our website and what we thought was going to be a super easy and fun project to work on ended up being a very long process of finding the right platform (that did not change by the time our quotes hit our inbox) to working the right design, freshening things up without making you feel like you had hit a new site altogether. But most of all we wanted to make sure you all could find your perfect shoes quickly as well as all the other information you need to make sure you are confident and that we can deliver what you need. 

So, what are the new and exciting things that have landed with this new website 

  1. We are now super mobile-friendly; it is now so easy to shop from your phone.
  2. We have included easy to use filters to help you find what you are looking for. Instead of trying to go through a heap of options select your size and then all shoes available in that size will appear. 
  3. Customer accounts and shipping information – yep it is all in one place to try and streamline everything for you when you are wanting to track your parcels!
  4. Reviews- we always have amazing reviews from customers, but we were technically restricted from sharing these on the old site but not anymore, everyone can review and help share which shoes they loved and which shoes are not for them.
  5. A blog- a real one where we can share all things amazing and exciting!

Now that we have launched, we are all nervously waiting to see if everything goes to plan after many hours and hours of testing and checking and double-checking.

Our amazing tech team that has made this possible and of course the beautiful Katie (who I think may have RSI from checking and updating everything over the last few months you). The website looks and feels amazing, we love her!

Enjoy ladies and if you see anything that can be changed or tweaked please let us know.

I am off to finish my happy dance (I gave up the floss idea)


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