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We bet you are super excited because you have found shoes that you live, but you also want them to be the right fit. You want to slip straight into a pair of comfy shoes, and we want that for you as well. We understand that finding footwear which hugs your feet, feels as light as air and allows your feet to breathe is a right not a privilege - which is why we are here to help you find the perfect fit every time. 

Shoe sizes can vary between brands, especially as ours are from imported from around the world and every country has a different sizing method.  So to help you get the right shoe, Big On Shoes has developed our Fitting Guide to help you find the right shoes not only for your lifestyle but also for your foot.  Smply measure your foot size and then compare to our "size guide" tab on each pair of shoes.


Before you start

It's a good idea to get a friend or family member to help you as you will get the most accurate measure of your feet when you are standing. If your normally wear socks or stockings, we recommend you wear them when measuring your foot.


Step 1: Measure your shoe size

Place your foot on a piece of paper against a skirting board, make a mark at the end of your foot, while you are there also measure the width of your foot. Once you have completed this, measure from the end to the top of your foot as well as the width. 


Step 2: Find shoes that finally Fit!

Now that you know the size of your foot, visit our website and see the "size guide" tab which has the physical shoe measuremenst to help guide you in picking a size that best suits you. At  Big On Shoes, you can shop with the comfort of knowing that you are getting the best fit for you. It's simple to choose your favourite footwear and with a huge range of shoes, sandals and boots you'll be spoiled for choice with our latest collection. 

When you receive your shoes, it's important to try them on to check they fit correctly. If you find that you need a different size or fitting, simply return your shoes to us with our easy returns form that is included in your package and we will sort everything out for you when they return. For more information about our returns policy please click here.

Once you are a Big On Shoes customer we quickly learn what is a good and bad fit for you, we happily take calls and will try shoes on, discuss fit compared to other shoes you have and work with you to get the best fit.

Helpful Tips

  •  We provide the physical measurements of the shoes in the measurements tab of the products. These measurements are a guide only, compare them to similar shoes you have at home and against your foot measurements, use your judgement. 
  • Measure a pair of shoes in your cupbaord that fit well to compare what size you will need.
  • We suggest to allow 5mm - 10mm extra ontop of your physical foot measurements for room in the room. Take into consideration if the shoes is closed in or an open toe.
  • The average inner-sole measurements on our shoes are as follows: 

Size 36: 23.5cm - 24cm in Length
Size 37: 24cm - 24.5cm in Length
Size 38: 24.5cm - 25.5cm in Length
Size 39: 25cm - 26cm in Length
Size 40: 26cm - 26.5cm in Length
Size 41: 26.5cm - 27cm in Length
Size 42: 27cm - 28cm in Length
Size 43: 28cm - 28.5cm in Length
Size 44: 28.5cm - 29.5cm in Length
Size 45: 29.5cm - 30cm in Length
Size 46: 30cm - 31cm in Length


When in doubt call us on (07) 4941 7468 &

we can work with you to find your perfect fit.