Turning a corner after COVID-19

I am not sure about everyone else but it feels just a little tiny (very little bit) that we are returning to normal or at least the new sense of normal and for us at Big On Shoes that new normal continues to see things changing every day (Change is one consistent thing we have).  The last few months have been some hard ones and as a small business owner I now look back on and can say 'we got through that somehow'. 
How did we get it through it? 
That is easy, this beautiful team of women at Big On Shoes have stepped up and completely worked with me every step of the way in helping keep us alive and adjusting to the at times daily challenges. We changed work rosters, worked from home, juggled kids at home with us (and survived), posted more shoes than ever before and took up home delivery to make sure we could offer local delivery to our local ladies. We answered more emails than any other month and managed to avoid eating huge amounts of chocolate that were oh so tempting. 
Our wonderful suppliers and factories have worked with us to move delivery dates, respond to us needing extra styles and also reducing some styles and in general being flipping amazing as we all worked together during it all. 
And of course all of you!  Our beautiful customers, you have made it possible for us to still be here! You have continued to support us, shop online, let us deliver to your door and provide help via phone, email and chat and we were so very bloody happy to see those that live locally pop back in store over the past few weeks. 
So to everyone.... we are getting there ... and thank you! 
Thank you so very very much 

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